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Should I be concerned about mobile radiation? A critical look at a growing concern


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Life-Maxx is the expert in the field of EMF radiation protective products. We strive for a safe, healthy and maximum life for everyone. Life-Maxx started 19 years ago because of a personal experience with negative EMF symptoms. Since then we select and produce the best anti-radiation products available today, based on scientific research and experts.

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My bed canopy ensures that the EMF in the mosquito net disappears, so I cannot detect any radiation on the meter

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I ordered an anti-radiation shirt because my smartphone bothers me. It works, I have less pain.


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Always fast delivery and good products. Beautiful design, neatly packaged!

Bought bed canopy, really fantastic. I feel fit and healthy and sleep well again.

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Very involved and reliable company. The products are good against all complaints caused by 5G radiation

Our mission: Quality and Sustainability

At Life-Maxx we make our products in our own workshop in the Netherlands and not in low-wage countries. This approach reduces transport and CO2 emissions. By producing locally, we strive for top quality and minimize our ecological impact. Choose Life-Maxx for sustainable, high-quality products with a positive impact on the environment.

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Yes, it is wise to be aware of the possible risks of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). Although opinions vary on the dangers, many studies have shown that long-term exposure to high levels of EMF radiation can cause health problems. At Life-Maxx we understand these concerns and offer products that help reduce exposure to EMF radiation, for the body and in the home.
Long-term exposure to EMF radiation has been linked to a number of potential health problems, including headaches, sleep problems, fatigue, and in some cases even an increased risk of serious conditions such as cancer. While research is still ongoing to fully understand these connections, we recommend taking precautions. More and more people are showing signs of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), where hypersensitivity to EMF radiation can affect their enjoyment of life to varying degrees. Life-Maxx products, such as EMF protective blankets and mosquito nets, can help minimize these risks by reducing your exposure.
There are several ways to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation:
  • Use EMF protective products from Life-Maxx, such as our phone cases and laptop mats.
  • Avoid prolonged direct contact with radiation sources, such as mobile phones and laptops.
  • Keep electronic devices out of your bedroom or turn them off at night.
  • Limit the use of wireless devices and opt for wired alternatives when possible.
If you are unsure which products best suit your living situation, use the selection aid and receive appropriate advice. With the right Life-Maxx products you can effectively manage these radiation sources and reduce your exposure.
Many electronic devices in the home produce EMF radiation. This includes mobile phones, WiFi routers, laptops, televisions, and even some household appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators. At Life-Maxx we offer solutions such as EMF protective stickers, cases, and special WiFi routers that help reduce radiation from these devices, making your home a safer place.
Yes, there are several scientific studies that have investigated the possible impact of EMF radiation on health. Although results vary, there are studies pointing to links between EMF exposure and health problems such as cancer, sleep problems, and neurological effects. At Life-Maxx we base our products on the most current scientific insights to offer you the best possible protection. Our EMF protective products are designed to give you peace of mind in a world full of radiation. On our news page at Life-Maxx, we delve deeper into these studies and provide insights and updates on the latest findings.