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International payments

You have a few payment options:

-Ideal (nearly all Dutch banks)

-Paypal (you need to have an account)

-Creditcard (no extra costs)

-Transfer with IBAN/BIC (arrange with your own bank)

-Mini tix

-Mister Cash

-V pay

Shipment of your order

Your order will be delivered to you. You will never have to pay at the door. Shipment goes through TNT post (own risk) or PostNL with tracking number. If you would like to receive the tracking number, you can request this from us at info@life-maxx.nl. You will be able to follow the delivery.

Delivery time

Standard products are being shipped from our stock. The custom made products vary from 1 to 3 weeks, these orders are being collected.

Your order will be processed, as soon as the payment is received!

Shipping costs

The life-maxx patch (anti-radiation sticker) will be delivered to you without further costs.

For other products the shipping costs are as follows:

-within the Netherlands €7,50

-outside the Netherlands €12,50

No further charges will be made for for example administration and handling costs.


How do I know if the Life-Maxx patch works?

You could let your own body reaction on radiation be tested and at the same time measure the effect of Life-Maxx. There are many practises that offer this, for example acupuncture /acupressure/ naturopaths and other instances that measure meridians. Take a look at organisations for a list of permanent distributors.

You can also rent our consultant, mr. Onno Harmsen under 053-428 33 00.

Hourly rate Euro 70,- exclusive call-out costs. The outcome is often very surprising. You can also arrange this for a group/ company.

Is the Life-Maxx suitable for new smartphones?

yes, the Life-Maxx is being tested yearly by the IGEF and meets the current terms.

is the Life-Maxx also suitable for tablets, like the iPad?

Yes, Life-Maxx is tested and approved for all electromagnetic radiation that is being controlled at a high frequency.

What’s the Life-Maxx suitable for?

It has been tested and approved for:

-DECT Phone (wireless housetelephone)

-Cell-phone – smartphone


What is the best place to secure it?

The best place to secure the Life-Maxx is:

-Cell-phone: On the backside, so your finger can touch it during calles

-Wireless telephone: 1 on the base station and 1 one the receiver that you hold against your head (order duoset)

-Remaining: secure on the device, not the display


I hear and read a lot about electrosmog, what is this exactly?

Electrosmog is a collective word for the radiation of for example cell-phone – UMTS devices, microwaves, mobile telephones and fluorescent tubes.

See here a report from RTVoost about this subject:

Where are the transmissions masts located near me?

You can check this on this website, enter your zip code and it’s clearly indicated

What does radiation do?

Radiation decreases the amount of energy flow to the organs, causing them to function worse. Each person reacts differently to radiation, one person doesn’t notice it and the other is very upset about it.

You can compare it to smoking a cigarette, one person starts coughing…. or worse.. get’s lung cancer and the other doesn’t notice anything !! Meanwhile you can find black lungs in every smoker. The influence is there, but the effect differ from one person to another.

What does TNO say about radiation?

TNO does confirm that radiation has an effect on your body.