The high frequency pulsed electromagnetic radiation which we were talking about has a bad effect on the organs. Via acupuncture this can be demonstrated very clearly.

In the body there are 12 meridians, so called energy lines. If the energy can flow through these lines without  a hindrance the body will function harmoniously. If the flow does stagnate harmony will change into disharmony and this into illness.

You can compare the effects of radiation to that of a cigarette. One person begins to cough when inhaling, the other doesn’t even notice it. In both cases the longs are being influenced. Radiation does the same, one person does notice it… the other doesn’t. However, in both cases the energy lines to the organs are being influenced. With persistent influencasion of the energy lines, the organ will start to weaken and complaints will start to form.


A growing number of people are starting to get more sensitive to radiation. They experience restlessness and an irritability that they can’t explain. This sensitivity has a name: Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS). This is a condition in which people are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields.

Users of Life-Maxx often feel better. Less pressure on their head, less headaches and better sleep. Stimulations and a heavy feeling in the leg when your phone is in your pocket disappears. People feel less down or restless, they are more energetic. Also palpitations that appear because of the cell-phone disappear!

We get a lot of nice comments. A few have been placed on the website under users speaking. Life-Maxx gets sold a lot to practices. These therapeutes have measuring equipment which they use on their patients. With these machines they can very precisely show the effects!


Children are even more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation compared to adults. They are constantly developing and are extra vulnerable, especially baby’s. That’s why it’s important to protect them from the influences of radiation. Especially for protecting baby’s we have special products in our product range.

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