Life-maxx anti-radiation sticker for cell-phone/laptop/ipad

The Life-Maxx patch is a sticker which contains multiple copper wires, that are a specific length. They work for the most part on the same frequency as that of the radiation frequency of the devices they are attached to. The bad thing about radiation is that it blocks some of the energy lines going to the organs. This is easily measurable by acupuncture. This partial blockage of the energy lines going to the organs is directly connected to the functioning of them. The body is fortunately able to adjust this, but if this disruption occurs to frequently it will get harder over time and the organ will start to weaken.

The Life-Maxx works from within the human body. It reduces the influence of radiation so the energy lines won’t be disrupted. Our Life-Maxx sticker ensures that this effect decreases by 85%. It is therefore of great importance that contact is made with the Life-Maxx (keep within 10 cm from the body’s energy field).

The case of your cell-phone has no influence on the operation of the anti-radiation sticker and doesn’t cause harm.

Swiss Shield anti-radiation fabric

The anti-radiation fabric of Swiss Shield is woven with silver wire, which is clearly visible under the microscope. This blocks the radiation for a significant portion. It’s not advised to keep a device underneath the fabric because this would reverse the effect. This will result in an extra strong transmission to be able to go through the fabric. It’s important to NEVER use the cell-phone/ipad/ipod under for example the mosquito net.

Full ECO Mode devices 0% Radiation

Our Dect phones are eco-mode devices. This means that they make a lot less contact with any radiation. When not using the Dect phone and the NUK baby monitor it’s completely radiation free, while “normal” Dect devices always pulse 100x a second !! A true transmission mast within your home….

JRS Router 90% less radiation WIFI

This is the Netherlands developed router, only admits 1 pulse every second instead of the usual 10 times. As a result the radiation level is reduced by 90% while the signal does not weaken.