DECT phones (cordless home phones) radiates 100x per sec. both day and night. The base station tries to trace the horn and generates a lot of radiation. Full eco mode devices such as the SwissVoice Epure go to sleep when not in use. This means you have no radiation, but you are available.

This Swiss company exists since 1893 and has been focusing on full eco-mode devices. We have chosen the epure line, because it had the best results at our tests and we think it has a timeless design. The device is very easy in use and gives all the options a consumer needs. Watch the introduction video here


The ePure 2nd generation telephone is a cool, classic cordless home phone that is easy to set-up, easy to use and looks chic in any environment. With a backlit display on the handset and the option of handsfree operation, the unique handset represents a fusion of desirability and modern innovation based on a compact, sleek ergonomic design, easy operation and durable construction.

Aside from the blend of futuristic and classic symbolic design, Swissvoice ePure comes with the practical convenience of a classic handset. Swissvoice have also loaded the ePure with all the trappings of a modern home phone.

Comfort features include alarm function (clock and appointments), adjustable ringer and loudspeaker volume, 10 HiFi melodies (deactivation possible), lockable keypad, handset mute function during conversation, call activation by picking up the handset from the base, clock time display and a paging key.

Directory and call management features include directory for 100 numbers, caller number and name indication, redial of last 10 dialled numbers, call duration indication during a call and pre-dialling (enter the number before dialling).

Answering machine features include a remote TAM base for a free location, recording capacity of 30 minutes, operation from base station and handset, remote access with PIN protection, handsfree operation on base, pre-recorded outgoing messages, individually recordable messages and new message visual indicator on base.

You and your family can enjoy clear conversation on the Swissvoice ePure, thanks to its high sound quality. This clarity of conversation also applies to hands-free mode – multitasking is a pleasure when talking in crystal clear sound.


This eye-catching cordless telephone from Swissvoice also boasts the latest energy-saving and low emission technologies. The low energy consumption power adaptor and Full ECO mode makes this phone kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet.