€129,90 / meter
Recommended for curtains
42 dB @ 1 GHz?
Premium cotton
Ecru / white
250cm wide
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€119,90 / meter
Recommended for canopies
40 dB @ 1 GHz?
Premium cotton
Ecru / white
250cm wide
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€109,90 / meter
Recommended for bedding
44 dB @ 1 GHz?
Premium cotton
Off white
150cm wide
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€89,90 / meter
Recommended for curtains
23 dB @ 1 GHz?
260cm wide
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A canopy made of Swiss Shield fabric is the ultimate solution for the complete screening of your sleeping ­place. Working on the principle of a Faraday‘s cage, the Swiss Shield canopy shields your bed from electromagnetic radiation: The best conditions for a peaceful and healthy sleep.

Swiss Shield fabrics do not contain any silver nano particles, nickel or any other harmful metal / substances causing allergic reactions. You will never be in contact with silver using Swiss Shield fabrics.

Swiss Shield textiles reflect electromagnetic radiation.


Life-Maxx has been a partner and exclusive supplier for the Netherlands (Benelux) since 2010. After years of experience with these fabrics, we have chosen to include Ultima, Naturell, Max-Wear and New Daylite in our range and to keep stock of these fabrics because these top quality fabrics all four are suitable for different purposes.
Naturell and New Daylite are extremely suitable for a bed canopy and curtains because of its transparency and air permeability. Ultima offers the highest protection against radiation and can be used for various products. This fabric is more densely woven and more silver thread is used. Max-Wear is used for clothing (no stretch) and bedding. It feels soft and comfortable, like a bed sheet. The fabrics have a natural look and offer protection against HF radiation.


Swiss Shield anti radiation fabric was developed and introduced in 1998 by the well known Swiss company Spoerry1866, founded in 1866.
The name Swiss Shield stands for worldwide unique and patented high-tech yarns with extraordinary properties. Swiss Shield yarns used in fabrics provide efficient shielding against electromagnetic fields.
Swiss Shield not only impresses with its scientifically proven effectiveness. The fabric also meets the most demanding aesthetic standards and is known for its lightness, elegant sheen and velvety touch. This gives a luxurious look.


The exclusive specialty yarns produced by Swiss Shield in Switzerland are characterized by their excellent properties and represent Swiss top quality, supported by their many years of experience and systematic quality control of all steps in the production process.
A silver thread is woven into this textile, which offers protection against high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. You can make many products from this textile, such as curtains, bedding and a mosquito net/canopy. It is washable and easy to process. Swiss Shield is the rolls royce of anti-radiation fabrics.


Swiss Shield pays particular attention to the consumption of raw materials and other treasures of the earth. They take care of the next generations. Due to the highly efficient production facilities, only what is needed to produce the Swiss-Shield fabrics is used.
The waste flows back into the production process, resulting in very efficient production. The sustainable products are not only limited to producing the smallest possible carbon footprint, but also to creating long-term jobs with good working conditions and living wages.


Swiss Shield stands for quality, durability and high-quality Swiss production. By taking this unique approach (described below), Swiss Shield strives to bring you the best fabrics that are not only effective in their purpose, but also safe for your health and the environment.

  • No chemicals: Swiss Shield fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. This means that they have the highest quality and are also the most environmentally friendly shielding fabrics. The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees that the Swiss Shield fabrics have been tested very strictly and have passed the test for harmful substances.
  • No silver-plated polyamide yarn: Unlike competitors, we avoid using silver-plated nylon, which is prone to cracking. This is crucial for the sustainability of our fabrics. While other fabrics show cracks due to washing, opening curtains/canopies, our fabrics retain their strength. These cracks not only result in reduced conductivity, but also reduce shielding efficiency over time.
  • No contact with silver: Silver is toxic in nature to living cells and the environment. Swiss Shield fabrics guarantee that you will never come into direct contact with silver. This precaution prevents permanent skin damage and possible deposition around nerves and deeper skin layers and the environmental contamination of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and nickel.
  • No environmental impact: The commitment to nature conservation goes beyond chemicals. By not using polyester, microplastics or nanoplastics, Swiss Shield contributes to reducing the pollution of waterways and oceans.
  • No discoloration: Unlike fabrics made from silver-plated polyamide yarn, our Swiss Shield fabrics do not show any discoloration/oxidation. This provides an aesthetic advantage, making the fabrics look beautiful and unaffected for longer. They have a luxurious look.
  • No bad smells: Many people complain of unpleasant odors when sleeping under a bed canopy made of silver-plated polyester. Swiss Shield fabrics avoid this problem and maintain their neutrality, keeping your sleeping environment fresh and odor-free.
  • No nanoparticles: No harmful nanoparticles are used in the production process that some other manufacturers use in the silver plating process. This is a conscious choice to ensure that the fabrics remain free of harmful substances that can affect human health.