We want to pass on a green and healthy planet

Life-Maxx stands for Health and Sustainability


Every year 3.5 billion trees disappear worldwide. The consequences of this for humans, animals and the climate are disastrous. That is why we are happy to contribute and invest in trees. They are the lungs of the world. We have planted / bought a number of trees and are helping to offset some of the CO2. If you also want to help, you can do this by adopting a tree. We plant a new tree from this contribution. Our Life-Maxx forest is getting bigger and bigger. 


Life-Maxx has partnered with EcoMatcher. This independent organisation makes it possible to adopt your own tree. They see to it that your contribution ends up well. Together we plant a green world.

Life-Maxx helps with a financial contribution. That is why you can adopt your own tree for only €1. You can give the tree a personal name and you will receive a track link, so you can see where it is.

Adopt a tree

Our Tree Planting Partners

EcoMatcher partners with carefully selected and vetted tree planting organisations from around the world.

Life-Maxx has planted a large number of trees to make the world greener. You can adopt one (or more) of our trees. This is how we want to involve you in this great project.

Trees are vital for a healthy climate. Help us replenish global deforestation and adopt a tree!

Adopt a tree