“Electromagnetic Field Radiation has a biological effect.” Dr. De-Kun Li, Senior Research Scientist at Kaiser Permanente Northern California

According to a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente North California and funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of more than 900 pregnant women in the San Francisco area, miscarriage rates tripled for women who were exposed to higher levels of radiation from sources such as cell phones, wireless devices and cell phone towers than women who were exposed to lower levels. While the study does not establish causation between non-ionizing radiation and miscarriages, it does establish the link between the two. The research is particularly compelling because this examines a short-term impact of EMF that can more easily draw correlations between exposure and health outcome, unlike cancer, which can take years to develop and need longer time to study.

A case-control study published in the Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering of approximately 600 women showed an increased risk of miscarriages associated with EMF exposure. “Electromagnetic fields may produce biological stress and free radicals, which can make a susceptible population prone to congenital malformations and tissue and cell damages. Long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields may be linked to even higher levels of oxidative stress”.

Research has found evidence tying magnetic field exposure — especially the type from video display terminals such as those in computers and televisions — to increased risk of miscarriage (Lee et al. 2002, Juutilainen et al. 1993, Lindbohm et al. 1992). Proximity to power lines has also been linked to miscarriage (Li et al. 2001, Robert et al. 1996). In both cases, the associations are especially strong for early stage pregnancies.