Damage to health because of wireless usage

The Dutch government does give tips about your cell-phone usage through the knowledge platform Electromagnetic Fields, electrosensitivity is not recognized in the Netherlands. It does not have bad effects, is the answer of the government. Countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Sweden do recognize electrosensitivity as an illness, this is not the case for the Dutch health council. It appears that first more people have to get these complaints. It’s clear that more and more people develop these ‘unexplained’ complaints.

Not sleeping well

There threatens to be an epidemic in the Netherlands of people that do not sleep enough, it says in the newspaper at the end of 2014. Close to one third of the population does not sleep very well, including the younger generation. The combination of fatigue, not sleeping well, poor performance and moodiness causes the everyday life to not be as nice as is should be. The researcher Gerard Kerkhof speaks of an epidemic.

Chronically ill

The amount of chronically ill people is climbing rapidly says the RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) in april 2014. “The RIVM predicts an increase of 5,3 million in 2011 to 7 million in 2030”.


The amount of people that suffer from cancer increases with 3% each year. This can be read at the website volksgezondheidenzorg.info, which has been launched in november 2014. This is a website of the RIVM and lots of experts from different institutes. A fact is that the amount of men with prostate cancer is increasing and they often wear their cell-phones in the front pocket of their trousers or they put their laptops on their laps. The amount of women that put their cell-phones behind their brah’s has increased as well, this causes breast cancer. The RIVM expects the amount of breast cancer cases to increase in the period of 2011-2030 with 16 percent.


A third of the school-age youth deals with stress on a daily base. The longer this takes the more chance of a burn-out. 26 Percent of students indicates being tired, no sense to do something. Nearly half admits skipping classes through a sick report. Too tired to get out of bed. A feeling of general malaise that may disappear with a day of staying home, they hope atleast.

Decreasing fertility of men and women

The quality of mens sperm is decreasing rapidly. The concentration of the sperm cells decrease and the abnormal sperm cells increase. Professor Martin Pall, physicist, geneticist and cell biologist in the biochemistry and medical sciences at the Washington State University, warnes in october 2014 for a health disaster if the usage of wireless technology does not change. A pregnant women is at risk when using wireless technology. The unborn child can suffer from behavioral problems as a toddler when exposed to radiation of the cell-phone, wifi and smart meters