Swiss Shield is a Swiss company, which has been selling their patented textiles worldwide for years. There is a silver wire interwoven in this textile, which provides protection against high frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. This textile can be used to create a lot of products, such as curtains, bedsheets and mosquito nets. It can be washed and it’s easy to process. Life-Maxx has become the exclusive importer for the Netherlands and made the decision to take the Naturell in the assortment. You can order this per half a meter. You can request a sample of this fiber at: info@life-maxx.nl

This Swiss company exists since 1893 and has been focusing on full eco-mode devices. We have chosen the epure line, because it had the best results at our tests and we think it has a timeless design. The device is very easy in use and gives all the options a consumer needs. It can be expended to a network of 5 devices, in which there can be called internally. When not used, the device does not send any radiaton.

Chlorella is often called a superfood, which is defined as food that contains a high concentration of essential and beneficial herbs that have significant health-promoting properties. Chlorella breaks down the heavy metals in your body and is therefore very suitable as a prevention against radiation exposure. Algomed® Chlorella vulgaris is the only algae product in the world, grown in a patented and completely pure glass tube system with natural sunlight as the driving force for photosynthesis. These high-tech glass production facilities are fully under control and ensure clean and optimal growth conditions. Cultures are protected against adverse environmental effects.

Jan-Rutger Schrader, PhD: Our mission is to improve people’s well-being by reducing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment. We offer EMR measurements, and develop electronics that emit measurably less radiation.