In 2006, the Life-Maxx was the first anti-radiation patch tested and approved by the IGEF (Internationale Gesellschaft fuer Elektrosmog Forschung). At the time, Professor Paul Sommer was still affiliated with the institute. He has taken the tests with people and there is still contact with him. The IGEF is headed by Dipl.-BW Wulf-Dietrich Rose.

Neutral state of the test person

Blood count of the test person after a 5 minutes on conversation without the Life-Maxx sticker. A strong clot of red blood cells becomes visible.

Blood count of the test person after a 5 minutes conversation with the Life-Maxx sticker. There is no typical clotting of the red blood cells.

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The Life-Maxx patch is an anti radiation sticker with multiple copper lemniscates, tuned to the frequencies of the radiation sources.

The life-maxx works from the body’s own energy field. That is why he should always be stuck where he is closest to the body. E.g. with a cordless home telephone (DECT) he has to be stuck on the handset, because you hold it against your head and in your hand. So NOT on the base station. Our Life-Maxx sticker is not suitable for 5G, but it is for 4G.



How do I know if the Life-Maxx patch works?

You could let your own body reaction on radiation be tested and at the same time measure the effect of Life-Maxx. There are many practises that offer this, for example acupuncture /acupressure/ naturopaths and other instances that measure meridians. Take a look at organisations for a list of permanent distributors.

Radiation blocks the energy supply to the organs. Life-Maxx ensures that the energy continues to flow, so that the organs do not weaken.

Is the sticker also for the new smartphones?

Yes, the Life-Maxx is being tested yearly by the IGEF and meets the current terms.

Is the Life-Maxx also for tablets, such as i-pad?

Yes, Life-Maxx is tested and approved for all electromagnetic radiation that is being controlled at a high frequency.

What is the Life-Maxx suitable for?

It has been tested and approved for:

– DECT Phone (wireless house telephone)
– Cell-phone – smartphone
– Computer
– Laptop
– Tablet

What is the best place to secure it?

The best place to secure the Life-Maxx is:

– Cell-phone: On the backside, so your finger can touch it during calls
– Wireless telephone: on the handset (with a 2nd handset also place a sticker (order duo set)
– Remaining: secure on the device, not the display
– A cover has no influence on the operation of the sticker. The Life-Maxx must be placed on the device.