Life-Maxx is looking for a collaboration with renowned companies, web shops and practices that are consciously concerned with the effects of radiation. Together we want to create awareness about radiation and its influence on the body. We help people who experience physical consequences to make life enjoyable again.


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Life-Maxx is the expert in anti-radiation products, with over 15 years of experience. Our head office is located in the Netherlands and from here we deliver our products to customers throughout Europe and beyond.

Our products are produced in the Netherlands and Germany, whether or not under our own label. The materials used are of high quality and have all the needed quality marks or test reports.

Life-Maxx keeps up with the developments in the world regarding radiation and updates our products so that they continue to protect you optimally.

In order to create more awareness, we hope to be able to enter into great partnerships, so that together we can offer protection against the effects of radiation.

We look forward to a possible cooperation.

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