In the most polluted places often bloom the most beautiful water lilies. Unfortunately this does not apply to people, as I have discovered in 2005 when an osteoid osteoom (tumor) was discovered in the thigh of my 7 year old son. Cause? The radiation of a DECT base station, that was installed on the other side of the wall of where my son slept. The phone was removed immediately and my son was operated. Luckily he is well again, but this tragic event caused me to find a product that protects people from radiation in their houses.

Pioneers in the field of anti-radiation products

I started collaborating with a French professor, which let to my first Life-Maxx ‘patch’ in 2005. An anti-radiation sticker based on the technology of the ‘Copper 8’. At that time little was known about  radiation and its consequences. Life-Maxx belongs to the pioneers in the field of anti-radiation products. As a true pioneer does, we constantly innovate new technology behind our products. The amount of devices and the different frequencies that go with it are carefully being watched and the Life-Maxx is constantly being changed. Soon you will even be able to protect yourself against 4G-radiation, that pulses from a different frequency.

Protection of your loved ones

We are constantly looking for new anti-radiation products. So, we have introduced a router in our assortment that pulses less often than regular routers. We are aware that we don’t have to invent the wheel more than ones. That’s why we are exclusive importer in the Netherlands of Swiss Shield radiation-reducing textile and have included the amazing products of Alecto, Swiss Voice, NUK and Belly Armor in our assortment. Concluding, we are doing our best to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

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