Life-Maxx patch printed with your own company logo

The Life-Maxx patch can be printed with every text, logo or picture, or a combination of these. This extra printing service is 100% FREE and is available from 1 unit.

The only thing you will have to pay for is the one time layout costs Euro 50,-. This is being outsourced at a designing agency. You will receive a seperate bill for this.

You pay the same price for the Life-Maxx as the standard product range, only the time until delivery is a bit longer. You will have to take into account 3 weeks delivery time.

When ordering large amounts the following prices apply:

  • 50 pieces €9,95 excl. BTW a piece
  • 100 pieces €8,95 excl. BTW a piece
  • 500 pieces €7,95 excl. BTW a piece
  • 1000 pieces €6,95 excl. BTW a piece

A Life-Maxx patch will be seen and therefore has multiple functions:

  • Marketing tool
  • Protection for staff
  • Conveying message
  • Just for fun

Can be used for multiple purposes:

  • your own staff for both the liability as well as the health aspect
  • Business gift with holidays
  • giveaway at fairs and presentations

For large amounts special prices apply. From 500 pieces you can get your own packaging, completely in your own company style !

Think of nice slogans like:

  • “we wish you a shining summer”
  • “instead of sun cream we send you this protects against radiation”
  • “we care about your safety”
  • “just like that.. because we care about you!”


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