The Life-Maxx technology is a three-dimensional multi-phase shifter that compensates for all waves by creating a multitude of counter waves to amplify the phase shift at different levels to neutralize the polluting waves. This technique, called Multi-Phase Three-Dimensional Phase Shift in physics, is implemented using several modules composed of micro-antennas connected in series, capable of capturing all frequencies of polluting waves. Thanks to these thin antenna modules, the life-Maxx technology constantly resists waves identical to those produced by the polluting devices.

The Life-Maxx is a patch consisting of a series of modules and multilayer arrays of antennas, designed to capture polluting electromagnetic waves, with the aim of shifting them in phase to the highest level to create the best possible output.

This electromagnetic compensation technology makes it possible to limit the unwanted effects on the biological and thermal plane without changing the quality of the emission / reception of the source.


No, the multi-stage shifter is not dangerous; it is a set of passive copper antenna modules whose sole purpose is to phase out the waves to counteract other harmful waves. The large amplification of the polyphase shift makes it possible to convert a harmful wave into a healthy wave.


The 180° phase shift is the action of opposing an identical force to another so that they mutually compensate each other.
It is a universal principle of physics that is observable from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Here’s a simple example to illustrate it:

1 ) A hammer blow on a metal plate will deform the plate: this is the wave in phase.

2 ) Two people striking at the same time, in opposite directions, at the same place, with the same force on the metal plate will not cause deformation: the second hammer will compensate for the force of the first. In other words, the second hammer shifts the force of the first hammer by 180°

IMPORTANT: The power of hammer 1  still exists, it has not been changed in any way. It is the RESULT of this force that was canceled by the blow of hammer 2.

In the same way, the Life-Maxx sticker neutralizes the effects of the polluting wave on the body, without in any way changing the wave in phase of the device, which remains unchanged. Once applied to your device, the Life-Maxx sticker works on the phase shift principle. Thanks to its antenna modules, it compensates for the waves emitted by your devices. The Life-Maxx sticker protects you against biological and thermal effects that normally affect your body and your organs.


1998: Simple antenna with phase-shift 1 and 2 whose fields (red) radiate at 3 and 4 to collide in a phase-shifted wave 6. Effective system working only in contact with the patch, which had an 8 shape.

2005: Four antennas 1, 2, 3, 4 whose fields (red) radiate in 5, 6, 7, 8, to collide in several phase-shifted waves of different levels in green and blue. The multitude of out-of-phase waves accumulate, amplifying the compensation information, making protection more effective on a biological level, on thermal and non-thermal effects.

2023: The Three-Dimensional Multi-Phase Shift technology consists of several antenna modules that amplify the compensation (EM) at different levels. The phase shift information thus generated produces even larger counterwaves (green and blue) for unparalleled biological-level protection against thermal and non-thermal effects, acting over even greater distances than before. This protects up to the high frequencies of the 5G network.


When the multi-phase shifter is in an electromagnetic field, an electric current flows through all the antennas in both directions, creating an electromagnetic field that circulates in the two directions, always in opposite directions. The red arrow in one direction and the blue arrow in the other direction. The two radiation streams constantly oppose each other and generate an opposing wave.


The electron microscope can show how our cells (blood cells) react in the presence of electromagnetic waves with and without Multi-Phase Shifter. A blood sample is used under the microscope without exposure to electromagnetic waves, then with exposure and then with our life-maxx patch protection.

Neutral state of the test person

Blood count of the test person after a 5 minute count. Conversation without the Life-Maxx sticker. A strong clumping of red blood cells becomes visible.

Blood count of the test person after a 5-minute telephone conversation with the Life-Maxx sticker. There is no typical clumping of the red blood cells.

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