Have you bought a product from us, put your phone in it and your phone still has signal?

We understand that you are trying to measure the product in this way, this way of thinking is common. However, you create the opposite situation, more radiation instead of less. Because you wrap the transmitter/receiver (mobile) in the fabric, it will try to reach the transmission tower at all times. He will scale up because of this.

The correct way to measure is to wrap a meter in the fabric and leave the mobile outside. You will then see that the meter does not scale up. Your own body is not a transmitter/receiver and is well protected by our anti-radiation fabrics.

You should see yourself as the meter. The radiation can no longer reach you.






All our products can be tested using a radiation meter as explained above. The use of the meter can be difficult because there can be radiation noise, caused by e.g. WiFi, a cell tower, etc. As a result, the measurement can vary greatly and it can also influence the values.

Start by measuring the background level of the environment to see if it varies a lot. Now activate the radiation source and read the level on the meter. Then wrap the meter in the product. Turn the radiation source off and on again and reset the meter, then read the values again.

The same principle applies to a bed canopy. Note: You may NEVER place a transmitter/receiver (mobile phone, laptop or any other radiation source) in the bed canopy. This is dangerous because of upscaling to higher frequencies. Hang up the bed canopy and place the radiation source in a fixed position outside the bed canopy. First measure outside the bed canopy using the meter. Then place the meter in the mosquito net, reset it and measure again. You will then see that the meter does not scale up.

What can’t get in, can’t get out either…. This golden rule is important to remember.


There are many meters available to measure radiation. We have chosen to offer a good, simple and affordable brand “Safe and Sound”. Designed and produced in Canada & USA. We have a simple detector that gives a global idea of the radiation exposure through colours. If you want more information, we have a more extensive meter for which you can also see the exact amount of radiation. If you want to know at all times how much radiation there is, wear the wristband radiation detector. You are always aware, wherever you are.