When trying to reduce radiation in your home, it is important to identify where the radiation comes from. You can then protect the home in a very targeted way by using Swiss Shield textile or Yshield paint. You can do the measure yourself with our meters or you can hire an expert. It is important to protect yourself properly. Sometimes this happens in the wrong way and the protection has the opposite effect.


In this world, in which we are increasingly exposed to radiation, it is important to know what you can do yourself to reduce its effect in your health. To do this, you must first have insight into where the radiation comes from.

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A building biologist is an expert in measuring LF magnetic and electric alternating fields, including dirty power and HF electromagnetic radiation, e.g. WiFi and transmission towers. You will receive a report and advice.

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Have you purchased a product from us and would you like to measure it? All our products can be tested using a meter. Sometimes this is done in the wrong way and confusion can arise. We help you on how to do it in the right way.

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