A lot of people deal with fertility problems these days. In a lot of studies it’s shown that day to day exposure to radiation has influenced decreasing fertility in both men and women. But overall more research has been done on the fertility of men. In 2010 the European Science Foundaten published a report which stated that 1 of every 5 men are ‘less fertile’ and the quality and quantity of the sperm cells has been decreasing constantly – the last decennium alone it was about 20-30%.

A study done in 2008 of which the results have been published in the American Society for Reproductive Medicine said that men who use their cell-phone for about 4 hours a day have 25% less sperm cells compared to men who don’t use a cell-phone. Of the sperm they did have, 80% was deformed. The mobility (a measure for the swimming ability and a crucial factor in the conception) has reduced by a third.

Other studies gave similar results, such as the study done in 2011 by Queens University. 2100 Men were examined and the result was that there was a ‘significant difference’ between men that use a cell-phone and men that don’t. In addition this study showed that the concentration of luteinizing hormone, an important reproductive hormone in the brain that is secreted by men, was decreasing.